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John Rutledge

After numerous years working in the lab, John pursued a career in technical sales servicing the biotech and pharmaceutical industry. As a technical sales specialist at Arraystar Inc., John focused his skills on molecular genetics with a specialization in Microarrays and Next Generation Sequencing.  John then moved onto supplying laboratory equipment to large accounts in Academic, Biotech, and Pharmaceutical research in the Greater New York City area and the San Francisco Bay area. John was a National Top Performer in sales in both the New York and San Francisco markets.

John is a graduate from Lehigh Univeristy with a BS in Molecular Biology.

Steven Awad

Steve began his career at Celgene’s Cellular Therapeutics division where he spent several years in the hands-on manufacturing and development of biological therapies and medical devices. When not in the lab, Steve’s professional experience has emphasized developing and implementing effective, end to end, cGMP compliant supply chain solutions to meet operational and regulatory demands. Steve has extensive experience in all major aspects of supply chain management: Plan, Source, Make, and Deliver, with particular specialties in:

    • Raw Material Procurement and Qualification,
    • Inventory Optimization and Vendor Management,
    • cGMP, Regulatory Systems, and Change Control.

Steve is a graduate of Rutgers University with a BS in Kinesiology and Biological Sciences.

Carlo Santelli

Carlo began his career at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in the Healthcare Investment Banking Group were he participated in a wide range of Capital Markets and Merger & Acquisition transactions. Most recently, Carlo worked for Cantor Fitzgerald’s Healthcare Investment Banking group, focusing on molecular diagnostics, biotechnology, and medical device companies.
Carlo is a graduate from Columbia University with a BA in Economics.

Brian Jackson

Brian spent three years working at the United States Pharmacopeial Convention where he was responsible for the procurement of bulk active pharmaceutical ingredients and impurities that eventually became official USP Reference Standards. He was then tasked to help spearhead their Global Sample Acquisition Program sourcing the aforementioned as well as any drug products the labs needed to modernize official USP Monographs. Brian has gained extensive knowledge of importing/exporting policies and procedures; especially regarding Customs, permits and licensing. Prior to working at USP, Brian was a contract administrator at the consumer products company, Unilever, and before that a Quality Control Chemist and Purchasing Manager for the generic Pharma Co. Novel Laboratories.
Brian is a graduate of Lehigh University with a BA in Biological Sciences.
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